Aging is a natural phenomenon of our life, but there are ways to look younger, lean and healthy. Our Oxy anti-aging class helps to cleanse the body from inside. This class is sodesigned with cleansing practices along with a unique series of postures and breathing to refresh the skin cells to make it toned, vibrant and glow. The increased level of oxygen flows into the studio will eventually moves into the body through the series of postures. The practitioners have a privilege to do breathing practice with the availability of 50-70 percent of oxygen. This process of breathing we call OXY-BREATHING. The practice of Internal cleansing method ‘ JALA-NETI” in this class helps to flush out the toxin and clear the blockages around the nasal cavity to let you feel light and glow.  In a very short span of time you can feel your skin and body is being revitalizing and refreshing. The practice of series of specific postures designed to train your body leads to make you feel lean, slim and fit.


Losing weight is a fact that most of the people want to achieve. Our different level of classes, especially with oxygen helps to reduce extra weight and shed extra pounds. Our OXY WEIGHT LOSS class helps totone and firm your body. This class is a dynamic practice of yoga postures including pilates movements to tone and firm your body, improving the core power and build up the strength. Variation of Stretching and twisting postures in this class helps to release the toxins as well. Since oxygen is known to balance and improve the metabolic system, this class has a greater effect to accelerate the process of reducing weight. If you are looking for serious weight loss, then you can also try our wide range of different classes to achieve your target. You need to practice over a period of time under the supervision of our expert yoga teachers. Our teachers will also guide you the discipline of food and nutrition and ideal life style to lose weight effectively.


This class allows you to discover how to approach inversions with ease, grace, and power with Oxygen. You will learn tricks for kicking up to the wall, balancing without the wall, opening your shoulders, boosting your confidence, and connecting to your playful spirit. This will help you to explore the science and psychology of inversions (from basic to medium level) so you can approach them with greater mindfulness and ease. Some of the benefits of this class are multiplied as the system carries the more fresh oxygen to the upper part of the body (e.g.- head, face, chest, arms etc.). Some of the yogic benefit of this class are

  • Strength Inversions strengthen the arms, legs, back and core abdominal muscles.
  • Circulation Going against gravity helps venous return (the de-oxygenated blood going through your veins back to the   heart). Venous return relies on muscular movement and gravity to move the blood.  Inversions (and aerobics) give it a helping hand, improving circulation. At the same time you are also helping the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, sensory organs and the face
  • Lymph flow We can think of the lymphatic system as the sewage system of the body. Lymph picks up toxins, excess proteins and bacteria and carries them to the lymph nodes to be eliminated. Like with venous return our bodies rely on gravity and muscular action to move the lymph so inversions can help us to flush the system.
  • Nervous system Inversions also have an effect on the nervous system. Headstand and Handstand are energizing: stimulating the nervous system and creating heat in the body.


Oxygen and yoga practice together believes to improve the nervous system and specially the memory power.  We are introducing OXY-KIDS class for the kids and teenager ranging from 4 years- 12 years to enhance more concentration and to develop skills. This class is a very basic yoga class with music and fun. It’ s designed in a very playful manner to create interest among the children while they practicing. The postures and breathing practices are designed in keeping view of their basic need and health.


Stretching is always good after a tiring day to relax and refresh your body and mind. OXY-STRETCH will definitely provide you a new, fresh feeling after a long tiring working day. This class is for beginners and medium level of practitioners. Yoga-stretch with oxygen makes you feel fresh and energetic along with improving over-all flexibility. The wall stretch in this class allows you to learn the skills for new postures and take you to a new level of practice. Stretching doesn’ t mean always to the length of the stretch of certain organs, instead this class is focusing on stretching of legs, arms, back bending, front bending and over all practice of your whole body.


This class is dedicated to the beginners and the people who just want to start their yoga practice. To release the stiffness in joints and related tendons makes you feel supple and light. This class is all about your joints, tendons and deeper muscles. OXY-KINETICS is a great session to release each and every joint, stretch your deeper muscles and has therapeutic effects on the body system. People suffering from joint pains, arthritis, rheumatism etc. will be greatly benefited by this class. If you are beginner, this session is the best to start your yoga practice with.


If you are an early person, please do join this session full of freshness of pure air and yoga. Before you go to your office refresh yourself with this exciting session and be energetic through- out the day. It’s a morning session equipped with breathing practices, stretching postures, twisting, mild balancing, basic forward and backward bending poses. The sequence is so smooth and comfortable to practice in the morning time with the fresh oxygen to make your day.


OXY- VINYASA   class is for those who want to have a little more workout kind of yoga practice. In the presence of the increased level of oxygen, this flow makes you feel miracle. As the move through the different phase of vinyasa practice, changing in your breath pattern allows the body to absorb more oxygen through aerobic breathing, which leads fresh oxygen to enter into your blood streams faster. Practicing different variations of the poses along with the flow ensures rapid enrichment of the organ health. Try this class to feel yourself stronger, powerful and full of vibrant energy.