O2 & Body

Aerobic Breathing– There are many benefits of Aerobic Breathing. Optimal breathing can be a wonderful practice helping People to relax and reduce stress, sleep better as well as losing weight. Most of the people have habit of shallow breathing for so long that they are not aware of how to breathe to receive maximum benefits from each breath. Once we re-learn how to breathe correctly we can use the breath for a greater healthy life. In OXY-YOGA our yoga teachers will guide you how to practice breathing properly using different techniques of PRANAYAMA (BREATHING PRACTICES) using full capacity of lungs. The Yogic breathing practices will help you to receive more oxygen into bloodstream as in our studio the Oxygen level is much higher than the normal environment. We provide specially designed classes where practitioners soon can feel the improved cardiac activity and circulation becomes higher ensures optimum receiving of the provided oxygen to reach to each and every cells.
Weight Lose -Aerobic breathing means to get enough oxygen into the bloodstream to convert to fuel to burn fat(5). If People jump up and down, or run long enough, at least 20 minutes, they will breathe hard enough to receive the optimum oxygen flowing into the bloodstream. In OXY-YOGA this process starts with in few minutes. Practicing various breathing practices and specially designed yoga classes in this environment multiply the benefits and practitioners have unique feeling of burning fat faster. Well it is advised to have a proper diet, rest and a healthy life style to get the desired results.
Benefits of Oxygen for Skin– In OXY-YOGA proper oxygen breathing leads to the reduction of water retention and changes in skin (6). The practitioner becomes radiant and glowing after a 30 minute Pranayama (breathing Exercise) for 3 sessions. Much of this radiance and freshness is due to more efficient elimination of toxins and waste plus increased blood flow and oxygen rich blood to the face. Our OXY-INVERSONS classes are great help where the oxygenated bloodstream is bound to flow towards the upper body, face and the brain. These classes are targeted to improve sleep quality, concentration, headache, breathlessness, grace and shine of the face skin.
Oxygen yoga may also very effective on chronic health issues including weight control, low energy, shortness of breath, anxiety, smoke or smoking recovery, poor meditation, attention, sleep and so on.(10)