OXY-Yoga Concept

From ancient times to Vedic age and till the modern age, Indian culture believes Shiva and Shakti are two counter-qualities originating from the same source. They represent the dualistic principle contained in the matter of the World. As far as everything in the World, beginning with «primitive» organic forms to the most «exquisite» organized forms, is inter-connected, so “Ha” and “Tha” qualities cover every-thing existing in this World.

“Ha” quality corresponds to light, sun, activity, absence of inertia, maleness etc., whereas “Tha” quality corresponds to dark, moon, passivity, inertia, femaleness, etc. It is absolutely obvious that a detailed analysis of all the material and energy manifestations in the world extends to infinity.

From the very beginning, it is necessary to understand that Shiva and Shakti are two different qualitative energy.

Human body, physical organs and senses are controlled instruments and with respect to the Power of Will, they possess “Tha” qualities. It may be conscious or unconscious, and respectively pertain to consciousness.

Any practice designed to overcome personal weaknesses require effort, expression of will and the Ha quality of the Power of the Spirit, whereas any practice related to the relaxation of the body, senses, and the mind imply “Tha” quality of the Power of the Spirit.

Therefore, it is necessary to realize what is happening with the controlled instruments during training and what the state of the Spirit is. With this understanding one should strive to reconcile the state of the Spirit with the qualities required to perform particular exercises.

Asanas, Pranayamas, Pratyahara or Dharana — regardless of whether while practicing them one strains or stretches the muscles, whether the breath is deep or relaxed, or whether the rays of attention are distracted from the object or are fixed on it and withdrawal of the senses — all require will-based control, concentration and “Ha” of Spirit.